One Unit

We are a student-run organization that develops individuals into strong-minded leaders. PAC Cabinet serves as the primary committee in planning PAC events. There are also opportunities for leadership through PCN Board and the PAC Internship Program.

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One Club

We are rooted in four pillars: Philanthropy, Academics, Cultural, and Social. Through the integration of these four pillars, PAC remains an active participant within the campus and its surrounding community.

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One Family

We are the common thread between various organizations on campus. One Nation is an alliance between Zeta Phi Rho, Kappa Psi Epsilon, Chi Delta Theta, and PAC Modern. Together, we promote an active lifestyle within the greater Pilipino American community.

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PACfessions Are Here!


Have you ever wanted to confess your true love for your Ate/Kuya or Ading? Do you think someone on cab is cute? Do you think VDD is straight?

Well PACfessions are here! With this anonymous confession page, you can share your deepest darkest secrets with the internet! We will be posting PACfessions once a week through our weekly newsletter. Remember, this is anonymous so don’t worry about people finding out that it is you!


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