PCN Board 2015-2016!

After numerous hours of interviews, PAC would like to congratulate the following people on being chosen to be a part of PCN Board 2015-2016!

PCN Cord: Rachel Shin

PCN Cord: Mari Elefante

Secretary: Justine Paige dela Rosa

Archives: John Kevin Gabrillo

Costumes: Kimberly Soo

Costumes: Annie Cao

Finance: Jordan Gutierrez

Fundraising: Edwill Pacheco

Hospitality: Cora Argallon

Hospitality: Alexis Gequillo

Marketing: Matty Downey

Marketing: Mallory Ben

Programs: Michael James Sarmiento

Props: Nikki Escobar

Props: Lavonne Danganan

Webmaster: Michael James Sarmiento

Skit Team: Justin Dial

Skit Team: Lauren Belyeah

Skit Team: Carissa Salazar

Moro Suite: Marvin Tabarrejo

Moro Suite: Joy Mallari

Mountain Suite: Undre Bautista

Mountain Suite: Angelle Laigo

Regional Suite: Darrel Galiza

Regional Suite: Trisha Tabora

Rural Suite: Anthony Johnson

Rural Suite: Seejay Batol

Spanish Suite: Christopher Angelano

Spanish Suite: Ryanna Declines

Tinikling: Christian Gumacal

Tinikling: Justine Paige dela Rosa

Tinikling: Joshua Ventura

PAC Cabinet 2015-2016

pac cabinet 2015-2016

President – Daphne Ong
Vice President – Frances Ramas
Treasurer – Haley Trinh
Secretary – Karina Laigo
Academic Chair – Rae Rivera
Assistant Treasurer – Edwill Pacheco
Cultural Chair – Abby Cendana
Historian/Alumni Chair – Danielle Dong
Membership Chair – Marissa Lee
Philanthropy Chair – Joseph Sapida
Public Relations Chair – Victoria Simbol
Retreat Coordinator – Mahrjude Medina
Sports Coordinator – Kyle Wong

Webmaster – Jordan Gutierrez

PCN Coords – Rachel Shin & Mari Elefante

PAC Modern Liasons – Mark Flores & Karl Quintos

Congratulations PCN Board 2014-2015

After numerous hours of interviews, PAC would like to congratulate the following people on being chosen to be a part of PCN Board 2014-2015!

PCN Cord: Dylan Fajardo

PCN Cord: Rochelle Gammad

Secretary: Isabelle Fidel

Archives: Chantal Partolan

Costumes: Catherine Palanca

Costumes: Rachel Shin

Finance: Matthew Downey

Fundraising: Frances Ramas

Hospitality: Darrel Galiza

Hospitality: Irwinn Garcia

Marketing: Justine Dela Rosa

Marketing: Victoria Simbol

Props: Gerard Boltron

Tickets: Mary Phaly

Skit Team: Ashley Cruz

Skit Team: Jorge Guandique

Skit Team: Jordan Guiterrez

Moro Suite: Ryanna Declines

Moro Suite: Darryll Lim

Mountain Suite: CJ Angellano

Mountain Suite: Michelle Argota

Regional Suite: Vincent Aquino

Regional Suite: Eden Zafra

Rural Suite: Mari Elefante

Rural Suite: Brian Nguyen

Spanish Suite: Joy Mallari

Spanish Suite: Justin Javillonar

Tinikling: Christian Gumacal

We still have open positions for a tinkling coord, programs, and webmaster. If you are interested, contact Dylan or Rochelle at pcn@lbpac.com.

PAC Modern New Members!

Congratulations to the new members of PAC Modern Spring ’14 and also the returning members! We look forward to a great semester with our favorite dance troupe!


Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.01.10 PM

Congratulations to PAC Modern 2013-2014!

Congratulations to those who made it on to PAC Modern for the 2013-2014 season! We are looking forward to seeing all the Oldies and Returners who are back for another year. We are also so excited to see what this Newbie class brings to the PAC Modern family.

Stay Hungry!