CSULB PAC’s 27th PCN “LAKAS: the Power of Our People” Screening

Does thinking of May 11, 2013 make you have withdrawals? Do you ever want to relive “LAKAS” all over again? Do you even know what PCN is? No problem, we gotchu!

Relive the LAKAS trailer here:


It’s finally here! This Friday, October 25, 2013, PCN will be holding a screening of our 27th PCN “LAKAS: the Power of Our People” at LH-150 at 1:00PM. If you ordered a DVD and have already paid, we will also be distributing them at the screening.

Don’t forget to support the last day of PAC’s Wingstop Fundraiser for eating before or after, and to go to PAC’s Friendship Game Rally at 6:30PM!

Get hyped to relive our most recent PCN to prepare for PAC Cultural and this year’s upcoming PCN!

Thank you to DemoProdVideo for videotaping and photographing our successful event.

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Wingstop Fundraiser! October 21-25

Craving some delicious wings?!

Let’s earn some Daphne Dollars for PAC while enjoying some WAAANGS! Bring your friends and family and help support while getting some delicious food!

Location: Wingstop
Address: 5726 E 7th Street #B, Long Beach, CA 90803
Date: Monday, October 21 – Friday, October 25

We will be passing out flyers at the meeting this Thursday(10/17). And if you can’t make it go ahead and print the flyer from online.

Any questions? Contact our Assistant Treasurer, Daphne Ong, at csulbpac.assttreasurer@gmail.com Hope to see you guys there!


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Study Nights & Friendship Games

PAC Study nights are back!

Join us every Tuesday nights at 4pm at the 5th floor of the library!

Contact our Academics Chair Frances Ramas (csulbpac.academic@gmail.com) for any questions!


It’s almost time for Friendship Games!

FG Practices are starting up once again on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm!

Contact our Sports Coord, Dylan Fajardo (csulbpac.sportscoord@gmail.com) for any questions!

PAC Poetry Night & P-Town Tour

Thank you to every who attended PAC Poetry Night and P-Town Tour! We had many AMAZING performances at Poetry Night and had lots of fun learning about our culture at the Historic Pilipino Town Tour!

Also, a big thank you who everyone who came to our fellow One Nation Org, Zeta Phi Rho, at their screening of Amigo for PAHM!

Don’t miss out on other PAHM events being held ALL MONTH LONG! Hosted by our other One Nation Orgs, Chi Delta Theta and Kappa Psi Epsilson!

Kappa Psi Epsilon’s Pinay Symposium

October 17, 2013

Chi Delta Theta’s Comedy Night

October 24, 2013

All PAHM events are free and are held on campus at CSULB!

PAC Family Picnic

Thank you to everyone that came out to PAC Family Picnic! We hope you all had a fun time at the park bonding with your new PAC families.

Thank you to our Membership Chair Matthew Vergel de Dios for planning the event!












PAC’s Annual Freshman/Transfer Day

It’s that time of year again where we kick off another school year! If you’re new to the campus,  want to get familiar with CSULB’s campus, and you wanna get to know your fellow PAC members, come out to Freshman/Transfer Day!

The event will start immediately after the PAC meeting, Thursday September 19 at 4PM in front of Robek’s!

What is Freshman/Transfer Day??? Well Freshman/Transfer Day is catered to PAC members who are new to the school. It gives you a chance to meet other members who are in PAC as well. This is the event where you can meet your potential Ate/Kuya or Ading!

Any questions? Contact our Academic/Alumni Chair Frances Ramas at csulb.academic@gmail.com

PACinema: PAC’s Fall 2013 1st General Meeting


Welcome back PACers! Guess what time of year it is! It’s time for First Gen!! We have a lot planned out for this upcoming year and we can’t wait to kickstart the year with our first meeting! We are all so excited to see you guys for another fun-filled year! And we definitely can’t wait to see some new faces so invite EVERYONE! SO BRING YOUR FRIENDS, NEW FRESHMEN AND TRANSFERS to the Beach Auditorium on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 5th at 5PM!!! We have a great show in store featuring the 2013-2014 Cabinet!!

AFTERWARDS party with us at the USU POOL for our annual One Nation Pool Party where you can hang out with your friends and meet new people! Get into the spirit of One Unit. One Club. One Family.

If you have any questions contact our President, Matt Downey, at csulbpac.president@gmail.com 

Feel free to check out the Facebook event page HERE