Ate/Kuya Ading Program

Have you ever wanted an older brother or sister? Here’s the link for you to sign up to be an ading!

Copy and Paste this address to the URL bar.

Have you been in PAC for two or more semesters? Do you want to be an ate or kuya? Here’s the link for the sign ups!

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PACfessions Are Here!


Have you ever wanted to confess your true love for your Ate/Kuya or Ading? Do you think someone on cab is cute? Do you think VDD is straight?

Well PACfessions are here! With this anonymous confession page, you can share your deepest darkest secrets with the internet! We will be posting PACfessions once a week through our weekly newsletter. Remember, this is anonymous so don’t worry about people finding out that it is you!


Want to be part of the team that organizes PCN? Apply today and be part of something great!

PCN Board 2014-2015

Hello everyone!

We are calling out to everyone interested in pursuing a position on Pilipino Cultural Night Board 2014-2015. Pilipino Cultural Night provides students with an opportunity to learn and grow through immersing themselves in a semester-long adventure of cultural experiences, ranging from performing traditional dances to presenting a new perspective on our culture through acting in skit. Behind this production and the cast is the group of hardworking students that make up PCN Board. Although we work together with the cast throughout the spring semester, our journey begins long before that. In order to prepare for this production, PCN Board brainstorms, plans, and works together throughout the academic year to ensure an unforgettable night. We hope that you will join us on this journey! You do not have to be a CSULB student to apply for a position.

In order to set up an interview, we ask that you complete the following:

1) Fill out and send the completed application to

2) Include “PCN Board Application: *insert desired position*” in the subject line

3) If you are currently taking courses at a college, please include a screenshot of your cumulative GPA.


1) The deadline to apply for a position will be June 30, 2014

2) Interviews will be open beginning May 25, 2014

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us through e-mail or any other forms of communication. We hope to hear from you soon!

Rochelle Gammad and Dylan Fajardo
PCN Coordinators 2014-2015


PCN Board Application DOC | PCN Board Application PDF

PAC Cabinet Elections

The time to elect the new PAC Cabinet is drawing near! Come join PAC as we prepare for elections for next year’s PAC Cabinet! We have several upcoming events coming up to help inform general members about the whole election process.

PAC Cabinet Info Night
Date: Thursday, March 20
Where: PH1-223
When: 5PM (Right after the PAC Meeting)
Why: To learn more about PAC Cabinet from current Cabinet members and Cabinet alumni!

Open PAC Cabinet Meeting
Date: Sunday, March 23
Where: LA5-151
When: 3PM
Why: Come join PAC Cabinet during one of our weekly Sunday meetings to see how Cabinet goes about planning for events and working together as a unit. Also you’ll get the chance to go through a Cabinet crisis simulation with Cabinet members.

Date: Thursday, March 27
Where: PH1-223
When: 5PM (Right after the PAC Meeting)
Why: Any interest in running for Cabinet? This is your chance to get nominated so that you have the opportunity to run! Don’t miss out!

Date: Thursday, April 10
Where: PH1-223
When: 5PM (Right after the PAC Meeting)
Why: If you haven’t already officially accepted or declined your nomination this is your chance to let PAC know what you plan to do!

Round 1 Speeches
Date: Thursday, April 10
When: 5PM (Right after Accept/Decline)
Why: Come and watch as your fellow PAC members give speeches and go through a question and answer session for the Cabinet position they are running for! The positions that will be giving speeches during Round 1 are TBD.

Round 2 Speeches
Date: Thursday, April 17
When: 5PM (Right after Accept/Decline)
Why: Come and watch as your fellow PAC members give speeches and go through a question and answer session for the Cabinet position they are running for! The positions that will be giving speeches during Round 2 are TBD.

Date: Monday, April 21-Thursday, April 24
When: All Day (til the end of PCN Practice, except on Thursday when it will end at 3PM)
Why: This is your chance as a PAC member to let your voice be heard by voting for next year’s PAC Cabinet. You’ll also be able to vote for our annual gag awards, the Delupio Awards that will be revealed at PAC Formal.

More info for these events will be available on the PAC website, in the newsletter, and will be announced at the PAC meetings. Stay PACtive so you don’t miss out!

Any questions? Interested at all in PAC Cabinet? Hit up any Cabinet member or our President, Matthew Downey to have your questions answered.

In order to be eligible to run for PAC Cabinet you must be a current CSULB student (and for the whole 2014-2015 academic year) and have above a cumulative 2.0 GPA and a term 2.0 GPA.

In order to be eligible to vote you must be on the PAC Roster. Basically, if you don’t receive the newsletter then you aren’t on the official PAC roster for this year. If you want to vote and you don’t receive the newsletter please send your name and email address to our secretary, LJ Balajadia, at

Click here for the Facebook event page


Hoops for Hope Hosted by PAC & Zeta Phi Rho

Hoops 4 Hope will be held on Sunday, April 27, 2014 @ the East Gym in CSULB. It will feature teams from colleges across Southern California, all who are competing for a 1st place prize as well as winnings to donate to the non-profit charity of their choosing. Registration is $100 per team (12 players max) and will end when we reach a maximum of 16 teams.

The following links will take you to the Rules & Registration process in order to compete and participate in Hoope for Hope.

Hoops 4 Hope Rules & Registration-Revision

If the link above does not work, copy and paste this address into your browser to download the Rules & Registration packet.


If you have any questions, please contact our Sports Coordinator, Dylan Fajardo at

PAC Gear

Looking for some new clothes for the spring semester? Look no further because you can order brand new PAC t-shirts! T-shirts are ONLY $10! #whatadeal

The new PAC shirts offer a grey logo on a teal t-shirt:

teal pac shirt


Want to buy one of these shirts? Click on the link below or copy and paste it into your broswer:

Questions? Contact our Membership Chair Matthew ‘Tabachoy’ Vergel de Dios at


PAC’s End of the Year Newsletter!

Want to send a special shoutout to your family, adings, ates, kuyas, or just anyone? Here’s your chance to be a part of the very last newsletter of the semester! Your shoutout will be published in this newsletter for everyone to see and given out to all members.

Send in your shoutouts to our Historian Daniel Villamayor through this link:

The deadline is tomorrow at 12pm!

Questions? Contact our Historian Daniel Villamayor at

PAC Snow Trip ’13

No finals, no class, no excuse. Time to celebrate with PAC!

Admission price is $30 dollars, and $35 dollars at the door. That is admission price only, transportation, food, milk, and cookies not included. Rides will be situated at a later date once attendance is finalized.

Last day to pay will be at the Christmasfest event on December 7th. Please contact any cab member to pay.

Please bring personal necessities, for example: toiletries, extra clothes, tooth brushes, toothpaste, all that….unless it isn’t a necessity for you, then ew.

Drivers, be aware that you may need to get snow chains, not 2chainz, but SNOW CHAINS.

Please only sign up if you are 100% going.

Online Sign Up:

Snow Trip Trailer:

Please speak to Dolachai Roongruangyot if you have any concerns and/or questions.

Phone: (626) 230-7025


Facebook event

PAC Cabinet Intern Program

Want to learn more about how PAC runs? Want the chance to learn the skills needed to keep an organization running? Look out for announcements about the start-up of PAC’s Internship Program! The program is a chance for general members to shadow Cabinet and to learn more about the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Applications are now open!

Click here to access the application!

Applications close on November 14, 2013 so make sure to apply today!

Any questions? Contact our President, Matt Downey, at!