PAC Modern Intensive

PAC Modern is hosting a community based intensive on Saturday, November 2nd! Come out and train!

Registration 1:30-2 pm
2-3 pm: David Lee
3-4 pm: Ken Matsutsuru
4-5 pm: Christopher Cuenza
5-6 pm: Eric Torres

Classes are $5 each! $15 for all 4!


PAC Cab Intern Program

Want to learn more about how PAC runs? Want the chance to learn the skills needed to keep an organization running? Look out for announcements about the start-up of PAC’s Internship Program! The program is a chance for general members to shadow Cabinet and to learn more about the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Applications open on November 1st.

Any questions? Contact our President, Matt Downey, at!

PAC’s Ate/Kuya Program


YES! It’s that time of year again! ATE/KUYA ADING REVEALING! It’ll start promptly after the 4th general meeting outside of Robeks! Last day to turn in applications are Monday, September 23rd! Be sure to turn them in early to any Cab member.

What is an Ate/Kuya/Ading? An Ate or Kuya is the PAC version of a Big Sis or a Big Bro. An Ading is a younger sibling. The Ate/Kuya program is PAC’s mentorship program that allows new members to ease their way into the club and to make lasting relationships with returning members of the club.

The Pairings will be revealed on Thursday, September 26 at 5PM right after PAC’s 4th General Meeting. Please note that while all adings will only have ONE ate or kuya, an ate or kuya may have more than one ading.


We are now accepting applications via Google Forms! But please, apply only once. If you have already applied by submitting a physical form, there is no need to apply online.



If you have any questions you can contact PAC’s Membership Chair, Matthew Vergel de Dios, at

PAC Modern’s Fall 2013-14 Auditions

Heard about PAC Modern? PAC’s very own PAC Modern Dance Troupe will be holding their Fall Auditions for the 2013-14 year from September 9 – 13 at Cal State Long Beach. The first three days will be workshops, the 12th will be auditions, with interviews following in the 13th.

More information can be found at this LINK to the Facebook event. If you have any questions you can send questions to or check out their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Stay Hungry!

PCN Board 2013-2014 Interviews!!!

Hello everyone!

In preparation for the night that we all love, we are calling all PCN lovers. In order to put together an amazing PCN, we need a foundation to start from – PCN Board 2013-2014. Below you can find a link to download the application to fill out and e-mail us back at This year we have some deadlines for the positions. We want to assure that everyone has a chance at applying for the position of their choice without missing the opportunity. Once you have e-mailed us the completed application, we will contact you back about interviewing in person. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you.Hope to hear from you soon!


John Catedral & Mary Grace Jalandoni


Ate/Kuya Revealing

Don’t forget to sign up for an Ate/Kuya with the ading form! If you’d love to become an Ate or Kuya, please sign the Ate/Kuya form, and remember you would have to have been an active PAC Member for two full semesters.

Revealing will be held on Thursday, September 27th in front of Robeks after our general meeting.

DeLupio awards!

Come vote for DeLupio Awards! Voting for DeLupio awards along with cabinet voting! (It will be located on the back to the ballots)
DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR THEM! Voting will take place from 10am-4pm Mon-Tues in front of Sbarros and Wed-In ios/inside courtyard in the USU

Most Athletic: Boy & Girl
Most Likely to Succeed:
Best Dressed: Boy & Girl
Cutest Couple:
Best Dancer: Boy & Girl
Biggest Camera Whore:
Best PCN Actress:
Best PCN Actor:
Mr. Congeniality:
Ms. Congeniality:
Funniest Drunk:
Most Abused:
Biggest Moocher:
Best Kuya/Ate & Ading:
Most Talkative:
Biggest PAC Modern Groupie:
Connected at the Hip: ___&___
Biggest Clown:
Most Likely to Be In PAC For 10 Years:
Most Likely to Be in 10 PCN Dances:
Best Singer:
One-Hit/Shot Wonder of the Year:
Best Smile:

PAC Cab Official Nomination List

Here is the OFFICIAL LIST of nominees that will be on the ballots all next week. Good luck to all!

PAC Cabinet Nominations: 2012-2013

Jason San Diego
Isabelle Fidel

**Public Relations**
Angelle Laigo

**Academic/Alumni Chair**
John Torres

**Assistant Treasurer**
Gerard Boltron
Andrew Talain

**Philanthropy Chair**
Carlyon Dingle

**Cultural Chair**
LJ Balajadia
Justin Vea
Kris Manabat
MaryGrace Jalandoni

Ero Vedar
Lourd Ebuen

**Retreat Coordinator**
Justin Dial

**Sports Coordinator**
Raya Elias
Bronson Farr
Ra’ Shiea Taylor

**Membership Chair**
Darrel Galiza
Dylan Tarrant
Arvin Agkis
Samantha Villaverde
Mireille Sine
Mark Carmona

Matthew Downey (Matty)

Nash Angeles
Loc Nguyen

**Vice President**
Karina Pido
Jorge Guandique (Guany)
Mikey Sarmiento

Andrew Medina (Ajay)

PAC Cabinet Election 2012-2013

It’s about that time of the year.. PAC Cabinet elections for the 2012-2013 academic year is around the corner! Speeches are maximum 3 minutes with 3-5 questions from the audience. For Executive board: maximum 5 minute speeches with unlimited Q&A.

April 5th- Nominations
April 12th- Accept/Decline and Round 1 Speeches
April 19th- Round 2 Speeches
April 23-25- Voting
**April 25 – Last day to vote
April 26- Last general meeting of the year! :(

Can’t run for cabinet? Stop by the meetings to listen to the speeches, your vote truly counts!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask any cabinet member!
Visit our PAC Cab Elections event page!

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