PAC is a cultural club and thus, hosts the cultivation and celebration of culture. While PAC is a Pilipino-based club, we respect all cultures and celebrate how cultures from all over the world can showcase the strength of the people.

PAC’s cultural events aim to teach members about their culture through lessons, dance, song, and other means to inspire and inform.

Some cultural events include:

  • PAC Poetry Night
  • Pilipino Town Tour
  • Pilipino American Heritage Month
  • Weekly Cultural Lessons
  • Pilipino Christmas Festival
  • Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN)
Some examples of weekly cultual lessons can be found below:

2. PACS101
3. Education Systems in the Philippines
4. The Etymology and Usage of Ate-Kuya

5. The Struggle for PAHM and P-Town
07.Baybayin (1)



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