Voting Process

To be eligible to vote, members must be on either the current Basic Information Sheet (BIS) form for the academic year, an active PAC member (must have attended at least 3 official PAC meetings and/or events for the current semester), and officially registered. Those voting do not have to vote for every position, and may either write in someone for a position or leave a position blank (a vote of no confidence). Voters must be present and sign in at the beginning of speeches then sign out before casting their votes. Registration will be opened the same night as Elections Informational Night. Registration must be made available in person and online through Google Forms to ensure accessibility to all general members. General members must be personally notified of their eligibility to vote before speeches begin. Registration will be closed one hour prior to the first round of speeches. The Elections Committee will keep a list of official registered voters.

Voter Registration

Registered List of Voters

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